How to choose a dress

So many gorgeous dresses to choose from, but where do you start?

We advise trying on 4 or 5 different shapes, to get a feel for styles that best suit your body  and then we  can advise different gowns to try on pulling all your thoughts together. Often you will come up with your own  bespoke design having chosen the neckline or sleeve from one dress and the fit and fall of the skirt of another  to be made using your favourite  choice of fabric  and trimmings.

Once ordered, the fitting process begins with  a Toile which is moulded to your body shape and over your wedding day bra.

A month or so later the next step is the Dress fitting. By now the toile will have been used as a pattern to create your made to measure gown and your wedding dress is ready to try on for hemming, buttons and finishing.

We prefer to see you a third time to try on the dress completely finished and to make sure it is perfect for you. If a third visit isn’t possible we can send it to you once completed via our courier.

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